How I Started Kecks Underwear

It started with a passion
I grew up riding and racing dirt bikes, and my dream was always to be a pro racer. But after a few crashes self-preservation kicked in...
After leaving school and meeting MXGP racer, Tommy Searle we moved to America aged 17, where he raced the Supercross and outdoors series. While there I picked up a camera and made a video that eventually landed me a job with KTM USA. For the next 3 years, I worked with them creating content for YouTube and marketing campaigns and working alongside the sport’s top athletes. 
After moving back to the UK in 2011, the dream job continued and I spent the next few years working with Monster Energy; travelling around the world with the MXGP series, shooting weekly videos for Monster under the name EDUB MEDIA. 
By now I had met and formed good relationships with all the Riders id been working with and knew that I needed to harness the opportunity I had created with a product. So with their help and ideas of what they like to wear when training and riding the idea evolved.
The Kecks concept really began in 2018 at a motocross track in Spain. I was riding with a friend who was struggling with loose underwear and suffering discomfort on the track. We knew we needed to make a product that could be pushed to the limits and still provide comfort, no matter what your day consisted of.
Making and sourcing the product with vision but no experience took months; hours spent learning how to use Adobe Illustrator & Design, followed by countless samples and setbacks, before finally flying to East Asia to meet with suppliers and work on the finer details. The result: a product that is durable and designed with comfort in mind.
Then it was a case of coming up with the brand name. Kecks, a slang word for underwear, was the ideal fit and we started work on the logo design. Finally, after months of graft, we had a finished product, brand and logo ready for trademark.
Building the website was the next challenge, again with zero experience in web development, I took to YouTube and watched every video I could find on building out an online store. The website is always an unfinished product, but again something that took countless hours of work to portray the brand we envisaged and provide a user-friendly shopping experience.
Having launched on 30th June 2019, the support we have received from athletes in the action sports industry has been amazing; with so many social posts and genuine endorsement, the first order came in just 15 minutes after the website went live!
 6 months on, when people ask how Kecks is going it’s hard to explain just what a whirlwind it’s been. From selling out of what has become our signature styles, to being invited to London to meet heavyweight boxer and now Kecks supporter, Derek Chisora. I could never have guessed where selling pants could take you.
For 2020 nothing has changed. The goal is the same; deliver the best service and a cool product to go with it.
Keep It Kecks 
How I Started Kecks Underwear