Tiger King


Dont let Carole catch you with your pants down unless you have on the new Tiger King kecks. The expertly crafted anti rise, anti roll and seamless woven fabric design makes these the perfect solution for those who live a high impact lifestyle. Kecks is the go-to brand that fits into any daily routine. Top-level athletes and extreme sports stars frequently attest to the breathability and comfort of Keck’s boxer shorts to help them stay on top of their game.The Kecks printed extended fit make these men's cotton underwear a great choice for athletic and high-action use

  • Uniquely stylish Koi printed men's long leg underwear
  • 5 panel classic Kecks design
  • Branded waistband 
  • Seamless stitching to minimise discomfort
  • No rise technology: meaning that you’ll stay comfortable and in control throughout the day
  • Expertly designed anti roll waistband for maximum comfort
  • Kecks high quality fabric: specifically woven for breathability and optimum mobility
  • Material: 90% Polyester 10% Spandex
  • Available in a variety of sizes: S (28-30) M (30-32) L (33-35) XL (36-38)

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    Underwear is the foundation of every outfit we wear, so it’s important for it to be comfortable. at Kecks we specialise in just that. We offer premium, affordable underwear made by and built for athletes, trendsetters, or people who just really love underwear.

    We were able to develop the perfect athleisure pair to allow you to fit your lifestyle. If you’re not active, you’re buying it for the design and comfort. At the same time, if you are physically active you can Ride, train or play any sport in them without changing into your compression shorts. It’s a functional pair of underwear outside of it just being another pair of underwear.