Want to Design our next pair of Kecks?

Whether you’re kicking back in your underwear or smashing through your indoor workouts. There will be times when boredom kicks in and you need a little light entertaining.

So during April we want to unlock your creative flow. 

We have created the blank canvas for you to design your very own set of Kecks.

all you have do do is follow the link to download the free template

So whether your a graphic designer or phone call doodler you can get involved, There are 2 templates a simple printable JPEG image or Illustrator file for the graphic designers among you.

Don't have a printer? No problem, download them onto an iPad and colour them in using a free app such as Adobe Sketch.

Once you have completed your design, take a photo and share it on instagram tagging Kecks or #mykecksdesign

We Will Pick the best ones to feature on instagram, and send you out a £20 gift card to spend on our site. 
At the end of April (30th) we will pick one ULTIMATE winner and Print your design on 10 Pairs of Limited Edition Kecks.
Get Involved