Has your underwear ever been a problem at the gym?

What you wear to the gym can really affect your workouts and the same goes for your underwear. You don’t want to stop a great workout early because your underwear has started irritating you. A great pair of underwear can make a difference to your workout and can also make you feel in control throughout the day.

Why Choose Kecks

Kecks underwear is perfect for the gym. Our performance boxers include waistbands that are highly elasticated with anti-roll to provide even more comfort. The incorporation of the no rise technology means that you’ll absorb less moisture so you’re fully in control throughout the day. Our gym boxers are made with a soft, yet durable fabric which aids breathability and mobility, so you’ll always feel comfortable and supported.

Shop our range of men’s gym underwear, we have something for everyone! Our range of cotton/polyester and spandex underwear won’t chafe and will keep you going in the gym. They are perfect for wearing under gym shorts or if you’re feeling brave, on their own! We have plain and patterned shorts so you’re covered, no matter what style you’re after.

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What is the Best Underwear For the Gym?

Deciding on a pair of underwear for the gym may be difficult. Expecting your regular cotton boxers or briefs to keep up and provide comfort while working out just isn’t realistic. Whether you need workout underwear for weightlifting or just underwear for while you’re on the treadmill, you’re going to need the right kecks. 

Traditional briefs would provide the most support for your privates. They offer great freedom of motion. Also, because they’re smaller and cover less of your body, they’re less prone to malfunctions.

While many consider briefs to be more comfortable overall, boxer briefs win the comfort debate when it comes to workouts. Their design and extra coverage (down the thighs) will help you avoid chafing when running, riding a bike, doing CrossFit training, and so on.

Best Material for Gym Underwear

The materials used for workout underwear are beyond important. They’re responsible for comfort, breathability, durability, flexibility, hygiene, odour control, and so on.

The material should be sweat wicking and moisture wicking to allow things to remain comfortable, even when the pace of your workout is high. Workout underwear should be seamless and feel like a second skin layer rather than clothing. 

Seamless stitching to minimise discomfort. No rise technology means that you’ll stay comfortable and in control throughout the day. Expertly designed anti roll waistband for maximum comfort. Kecks high-quality fabric is specifically woven for breathability and optimum mobility. Made from 90% polyester, 10% spandex.

It’s important to understand that no matter what, you should never opt for cotton underwear for your workout sessions. Just because some manufacturers may offer a sweet deal on underwear and labels it “for workouts” doesn’t make it so. If you see cotton just keep on looking.

How Should Gym Underwear Fit?

How is workout underwear supposed to fit? Snug would be one way to put it, but, there’s a fine line between feeling snug and feeling constrained. When the underwear feels binding, you can expect to feel pinching or general discomfort, especially when you’re running or doing leg exercises.

Our men’s exercise underwear allows the best fit for workouts and the gym. The compression shorts give the maximum level of support and comfort during your workout. 

You should also consider how long or short the underwear should be. In the case of boxer briefs, they can cover just a few inches of your thighs or go down close to your knees. The longer the underwear, the lower the risk of chafing. It’s also less likely that they won’t ride up when you’re using your legs in high-intensity exercises. 

This makes long legged underwear a great example of bodybuilding underwear and weightlifting underwear. You need really stretchy pairs for leg days at the gym where you’ll be doing a lot of squats or lunges. With exercises like squats, where you are doing actions repeatedly, they carry a high risk of chafing. Our long leg fit allows you to protect your legs from this and lets you work out with ease.

Wear and Tear Resistance

Men’s workout underwear is designed to stretch. You shouldn’t have to worry about the fabric tearing after a long workout or after a few washing machine cycles. They’re far more likely to deteriorate if you overheat them in the dryer, which can really mess up the elastics over time.

That being said, there’s one thing that can make a huge difference in durability: the stitching. Double and triple stitching is the way to go. Having quality seams help keep everything together for a long time, while also providing better support.