Kecks Printed Underwear

 Here at Kecks, we’re big on sports and even bigger on the underwear we wear while doing those sports. Our men’s printed underwear puts an emphasis on personal style and we believe you should enjoy the underwear you’re wearing. Our sporting range of men’s boxer briefs includes colourful and bold prints that will help you to really stand out while providing next level comfort at the same time.

Why Chose Kecks

The compression shorts come in a  range of patterned underwear is unique and it makes a statement. Everyone should have a bit of colour in their lives, so why not make it your underwear? The prints we have range from animalistic (think leopard and gorilla print) to the cheeky eggplant emoji, so there is something for everyone.

The blend of polyester and spandex make the boxer shorts stretchy but will still fit your shape without any chafing - even if you have thick thighs. The material is moisture wicking and sweat wicking, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable during your workout.

Printed Underwear

Men’s seamless underwear and tagless variants are the perfect styles of athletic underwear. A pair of boxer shirts without tags allow for less discomfort during intensive workouts. We’ve made sure to make the material soft but our seamless stitching makes these men’s boxer shorts sturdy and will hold together, even during the most rigorous exercise. 

The long leg underwear we offer is a classic take on men’s underwear. Do not worry if you are a heavy sweater, our shorts are built with ‘no rise technology’ which helps you on the go as they won’t get in the way and less moisture is absorbed. You’ll feel in control and in comfort all day. We’ve made sure that our waistbands are highly elasticated and they are anti-roll which provides you with the ultimate comfort when on the move.

Whether you are a runner in need of running underwear, a gym goer looking for men’s gym underwear or you just love your exercise, your underwear is always important. At Kecks, we care about your comfort and this is exactly why we have created this range of sports boxers. We have many different patterns and prints to match your personal style so check out our men’s sports underwear and find the right one for you. Shop our print range now!

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