What’s the secret to running success?

 A good foundation. And no, we’re not talking about training blocks that build gradually: We’re talking underwear. Long runs can cause irritation and chafing. It only takes one run in cotton underwear to know what we're talking about. A good pair of running underwear can make all the difference. There is no reason to suffer during your regular workout or sports routine.

Make sure you're fully supported and comfortable on your runs with the right boxers. Our underwear is made for running in, with the performance boxers having elasticated waistbands with no rise technology: meaning that you’ll stay comfortable and in control throughout the day. The waistbands are expertly designed anti-roll waistband for maximum comfort, Kecks high-quality fabric is specifically woven for breathability and optimum mobility 

Shop our range of men's running underwear for simple cotton underwear styles as well as seamless, elastane-packed underwear that won't chafe. They are the perfect partner to your running shorts or maybe even a replacement. We have a number of patterned underwear to keep your run both comfortable and colourful.

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Do I Need Running Underwear?

According to a study done by the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal, positive mood changes have been said to occur with running or any active sport performed regularly. So there’s a clear benefit to running. Not only does it keep you physically healthy but it also keeps you mentally happy. 

However, another interesting study shows that around 60% of runners go for a run without any underwear at all! So many runners don’t see the benefit of running underwear, but are they right? Average runners may be able to get away with it but specific types of runners will definitely need specialist underwear. 

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Overweight Runners

The most popular way to lose weight is through running. It’s cheap and easy to organise compared to group sports. If you are carrying extra weight (in the form of body fat), you may find that the fat around your legs tends to chafe when you run.

This is exactly what our running underwear is designed to prevent. With the specialised quality fabric, specifically woven for breathability and optimum mobility stops any discomfort during or post-running. They can also keep you cool while you run, which can help you running for longer.

Thick Thighed Runners

On the flip side, many of those who focus on strength and weight training develop larger legs - specifically the thighs. While the majority of time exercising is spent with weights, periods of cutting body fat oftentimes involve cardiovascular exercise and this is often done through running. 

These thicker thigh muscles can rub against each other when you run. It won't cause the same sort of chafing you'd get if you had excess leg/thigh fat, but it can still be plenty uncomfortable. Running underwear will help to prevent the problem!

Heavy Sweaters

Regardless of your size, fat or muscle wise, there is also the problem of sweat. You can be the fittest person in the world but you may still sweat more than the average person. For men who sweat a lot, chafing can be a very real issue. The material of your regular underwear will absorb the excess moisture and can bunch up around your legs and thighs. As you run, they can rub against your legs and cause serious chafing.

Our underwear is designed specially to wick away moisture, such as sweat, when you're wearing them. Alongside this, the material is designed to stay in place and not bunch up, creating less opportunity for rubbing and chafing. 

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Long-Distance Runners

As mentioned before, short distance runners and joggers will normally be able to get away with running with regular underwear. However, if you are going any real distance then you’ll need to plan your underwear carefully. 

If you run 10Ks, Ironman races, half-marathons, marathons, or any other sort of long-distance races, running underwear is a necessity. After an hour or two of running, chafing is a very real problem. Running underwear will keep your legs and thighs from rubbing together, preventing chafing over a long-distance run.

What to Consider?

If you’re one of the above or just someone who wants more comfort when running, there are a few things to consider before buying a pair. They may be that little addition to your running outfit that makes your run more comfortable, thus easier to keep up with and keep committed.

What Running Shorts Do I Need?

There are a number of running shorts on the market that you can choose from. Loose-fitting running shorts tend to have a lining (like a bathing suit) that hugs your skin, offering you support and preventing chafing. Running tights/leggings (yes, they're a thing for men, too!) are close to your skin. Both of these running shorts are intended to be worn WITHOUT running underwear. They are designed to prevent excessive sweating and chafing on their own. They may be too tight and form-fitting to accommodate underwear, so adding running underwear will just make things uncomfortable.

Therefore, if you’re spending money on specialised running underwear you can invest in a cheaper pair of shorts. If you’re feeling brave you can even run with just the underwear on. Kecks underwear has a longer leg fit so it won’t feel very exposing. The compressing nature of the underwear will allow you to run without any discomfort. 

What Kind of Running Underwear do I Need?

Kecks have a range of classics cotton running underwear if you’re looking for a longer no rise legged fit. These are a great option for those who want the best of both worlds. They will still be comfortable during shorter runs and can double as regular everyday underwear too. 

If you’re going for longer or more intensive runs though and wear cotton boxers, you'll DEFINITELY want to change things up. Cotton gets soggy when wet, and it is the #1 contributor to serious chafing when running. If you're a cotton boxers guy, it could be a good idea to use running underwear when going for a run.

There are a number of kinds of running underwear which suits different people. Our brand opts for the long leg approach to protect your thighs from chafing. This allows greater comfort and protection for those with bigger thighs. Briefs are sometimes the preferred option for those with smaller legs. 

Is Chafing a Problem?

Remember that running underwear is designed for two things: to support "the gentlemen" and to reduce chafing. If chafing isn't a problem (for short-distance runs), you may not need them. The added support and padding may be nice, but not necessary if there is no chafing.

But if you're the kind of guy who gets rubbed the wrong way when they run, you should definitely use running underwear. Triathletes and marathon runners aren't the only ones who have to put up with chafing—heavier runners, guys with thick legs, and even regular people can suffer. If there is any chafing, a good pair of running underwear can make your runs more comfortable and reduce friction.

How Running Underwear is Different

So what sets apart running underwear from a regular pair? There are a number of features you should be looking out for. 


As mentioned before, this underwear has a special kind of synthetic material. Natural materials like cotton feel nicer when used day to day but aren’t great for exercise. This is because they’re heavy and incredibly moisture absorbent, which then makes them even heavier. 

Insulated and Ventilated

When moisture is absorbed by the natural materials like cotton, this also means that you will get damp and cold. These tight-fitting compression underwear will stop this from happening as well as keep you warm during your runs.

On the flip side, they also allow maximum ventilation. There may be mesh or synthetic fabric that allows air to flow over your genitals, preventing excessive sweating. They are designed to keep you the optimum temperature, light enough for you to not get too hot but also possessing qualities to keep you from getting too cold. 

Supportive Fit

Having more delicate parts of you moving around when running is not ideal. Day to day underwear is often looser,aiming to give you a more comfortable fit when sitting and standing. Running underwear is designed to protect you and your delicate areas from a high-impact workout. It will usually include a fabric pouch that offers testicular support. 

Different Fit

A lot of regular underwear is designed to be form-fitting and hip-hugging, but the fit of running underwear is slightly different. There is a bit more looseness around the hips, with compression around the legs and thighs. The elastic bands around the waist and thighs keep the underwear firmly in place to reduce chafing.